From Wikipedia: "The Knight's Tour is a mathematical problem involving a knight on a chessboard. The knight is placed on the empty board and, moving according to the rules of chess, must visit each square exactly once."

If you want some info about the Knight's Tour problem, you should have a look at the wikipedia page about it and at the links you could find from it.

This program is a free software solver for the Knight's Tour problem. It is under the GPL version 2

For  more info about my program, feel free to have a look on the README.TXT distributed with it.


The latest version is the 0.03 (alpha). This release contains source code only now. You can access it from the ktsolver download page on sf.net.

You can also download the code in the current development state using the project's subversion repository. More detailed instructions are available here.

Various links:

Here is a list of links that could be interesting. I discovered them recently and at the time I write, I haven't found the time to explore them all. None of them has been used for writing the release 0.01 of the program but who knows, perhaps it's possible to find on those links a real source of inspiration for improving ktsolver...

Anyway, if you are interested on the Knight's Tour problem, you may find the following links interesting:

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